Need to get in touch, send us an email on info@wyldandbeaux.com

Order Enquiries: 

There is an error with in my confirmation email, what should I do?

If you notice anything wrong with your order confirmation please contact us at info@wyldandbeaux.com and make sure you have your unique order number handy as a reference. 

I haven’t received an order confirmation email, what should I do? 

If you’ve not received your confirmation email, please check your spam/ junk inbox first, then if it’s not there please contact us on info@wyldandbeaux.com

Is your packaging eco friendly?

Yes, we are proud to say that there are no plastics in our packaging or product, we use plastic alternatives to bubble wrap to ensure that your product arrives with you safely and in one piece but also whilst being kind to our earth.

Candle care:

How do I care for my candle? 

To get the very best experience out of your candle please make sure the first burn is for around 2 hours, and the top wax melts evenly. This should stop future uneven burns. And make sure that you don’t burn your candle for more than 4 hours, and keep your wicks trimmed to 5mm.

Delivery Enquiries:

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Currently we are only available within the UK.

Can I get my product delivered to a PO box address?

I’m afraid not. 
Can I change the address on my order?

If you notice your address is incorrect on the order confirmation email, please contact us at info@wyldandbeaux.com ASAP and we will do our best to rectify this for you. Unfortunately if the product has already been dispatched we will be unable to redirect it for you.

Kate's Story

Making sure you have the resources and tools to ensure total relaxation has become such a passion for me. Coming from the film and video industry with long hours and what felt like an even longer commute; I really found such a need to ensure I was getting enough of a work-life balance.

Enter W&B.

I launched Wyld & Beaux at the very beginning of the pandemic and I’ve not looked back. Not only have many enjoyed the products but we’ve also been featured in publications such as VANITY FAIR and GLAMOUR.

So, I hope you enjoy the collections as much as I did creating them!

Kate x


Thank you!

I just wanted to jump on here to say thank you so much to our amazing customers who contunie to support us! Could not do this without you!